Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Pigs' Tale

The Westminster swine
Wine and dine
With snouts in trough
They sup and scoff
At the plebs who provide their swill
And pay their huge expenses bill.

They hope that none will pry
Into their immense pig sty
And wink with knowing smiles
At Speaker Martin's vast air miles.
Yes, pigs do fly and squeal with delight
When they win on election night.

Traitors' porkies we have heard
Spin and lies, all absurd.
Boars and sows, the taxpayer weeps
Why do we vote for these greedy creeps?
Perhaps there'll be occasional squealers
Who'll tell their stories to the Peelers.

New Lieboar and the Cons
Oink and bow to the Right DisHons.
Corrupt abuse of public funds
Backhanders, bribes and juicy bungs
This cesspit makes such a stink
Why are some members not in Clink?

The Pigs' Tale"
© 2008 "Tyburn Jig". All rights reserved.

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